Our Values

The fundamental base that drives ICC is based on our Core Values. These values are at the nature of who we are; they what drives us forward.


At ICC, we believe that we are called to live a life of faith. This means truly believing in our God without doubting him. We cannot be Christians and attempt to live life by our own strength and by our own sight, for this is futile. We are born again and have been embraced into the family of God so that his power can be alive in us.


God is love. At ICC, we believe that God calls us to love, care and have concern for those around us because he first loved us. Our actions speak louder than our words. We must continually spur one another and encourage one another continuously. We serve others despite the positions we may have; service is humbleness.

The mind of Christ stands out as a central ingredient to radical generosity. At ICC, we believe that the mind of Christ calls us to be on a mission. We are aware of this and make it a daily purpose to reflect a radically generous mindset. We are stewards of what Christ has given us, and once we understand this then we will give regardless of the response we receive when we do.


At ICC, we believe we are given the Holy Spirit as a helper to be with us, to dine with us, to counsel us, to comfort us and to teach us all things. We are children of God and therefore are led by the spirit and not the flesh. We serve a God who has overcome; one who lives in us who has gone before us and defeated the enemy.

At ICC, we believe that God has already ordained each and every single one of us to walk in excellence and to walk in goodness. We will not live our lives as if we are wasting it, wallowing through it to get old, but we live every single minute accomplishing that which He has ordained for us.

At ICC , we believe that God created us to thrive in community. Unity involves us walking together in one purpose, without leaving anyone behind, each one thriving in their own distinct way until we all achieve the best in God’s will. We do not to think of unity as us being similar, but rather, it is distinctiveness going in the same direction. We must thrive in our respective lives so that we can arrive at a common purpose; the purpose of the Kingdom of God.

As God’s children, we are expected to anticipate the changes that will come and adapt our lives in such a way that we remain relevant to him that has called us and to the people that God has called us to serve. We choose to partner with God; His vision for our lives is one where we are living in complete fulfillment and in the purpose of our existence.

The strategic plan and the vision for the Church up to 2030.

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