Who We Are

Teenzloveculture is the Teenz church at ICC Nairobi. We exist to create a safe space for our teens to feel at home and encounter Jesus. We are rooted in love. From the beginning we have been about discipling a generation for the sake of the Gospel .

We want to go back to the basics and make sure that
our teens have a wholistic understanding of Jesus, the Bible, faith in God, and a lifestyle of faith.


Ministry Leader

Pastor Stella Kihara is a passionate individual, dynamic, and adventurous person. She loves the outdoors and experiential activities. Family is a big part of her life she is a loving sister and devoted daughter.

Pastor Stella envisions young lives discipled, and transformed to live in an ever-changing culture with purpose in God-given gifts and talents to create an influence in every area of society they find themselves in. 
She is Driven by compassion, a desire to teach God’s word and disciple, whilst enjoying each opportunity availed.
The teen’s ministry aims to grow teens in their love for scripture and its truth, then they can therefore teach others and apply the right doctrine in a culture saturated with a lack of godliness. 
A church community saturated with social transformation through initiatives of Miles and Hope through extra milers cycling club, creating hope narratives, nationwide in the near future in several counties.

Who We Are

Above all, we want our teens to know that they are loved by God. They don’t have to prove anything to anyone. They are worthy;
they are enough. (Ephesians 3:14-19)

We pray that all the teens we steward would become doctrinally sound. That they would be deeply rooted in the word of God. (2 Timothy

Our goal this is to walk with every teen through an intentional discipleship process. Discipleship in our context is the way of Christ. The process of discipleship is a continuous process, this side of heaven, it does not end.

1. Launching small groups with Teen Volunteers to follow up during the week.        

2. Ensuring we have interactive services to tackle relevant issues that affect our teens.

3. Utilizing social media to enable deeper growth and active follow through
during the week.