Who We Are

At ICC Nairobi,  the Protocol ministry comprises of Ushers, Greeters, Security, and Parking lot attendants.

The unsung hero’s that get to church before everyone else to make sure everything is ready and the hero’s that stay behind to make sure everything is safe.

The Protocol ministry exists to help ICC Nairobi first time visitors to become repeat visitors and the regular members to experience the beauty of a worship service.


Ministry Leader

Pastor Jemimah is the leader of protocol and prayer ministry at ICC Nairobi. She is married to Emmanuel Chiruyi Walingo, and together they have been blessed with three children: Nathaniel, Noah and Hadassah. Her family is her greatest ministry and calling. She has been a member of ICC Nairobi for many years. She is passionate about studying and dividing the Word of truth correctly so that believers live up to what God has called them to be. She is also passionate about mentoring, coaching, counselling, and teaching ladies across board to help them realize who they are in Christ. Prayer is that one thing that keeps her alive and energized. She dreams of ICC Nairobi becoming a house of prayer.

Who We Are

Some members of our teams are Ushers, and they are responsible for everything inside the sanctuary or auditoriums, starting from the interior entry doors.

Some of our team members are Church greeters, and they focus their attention in the lobby areas or exterior entry doors. They greet, welcome and inform people in the lobby, parking lot, sidewalks, and at the entrance.

Some of our team members are Parking lot Attendants, and they focus their attention in the parking area. They help people locate free parking spaces, help them park, watch over the cars, and help them exit.

Some of our team members are partner with our external security firms to make sure that your things are protected and well looked after, both in the sanctuaries and in the carparks.  The team is responsible for all matters pertaining to the safety of staff and congregants during the week and on service days

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