Who We Are

The Prayer ministry at ICC-Nairobi exists to PREPARE and EMPOWER its congregants so that this Assembly becomes a House of Relentless Prayer (Matt. 21:13) until the Lord’s righteousness is established at the individual, family, church, and national level (Isa. 62:1-7).

PREPARING includes teachings in terms of conferences, workshops, seminars, Sunday service sermons etc.

EMPOWERING includes providing opportunities for people to pray for example, prayer services, altar ministry, morning devotions, fasting seasons, etc.


Ministry Leader

Pastor Jemimah is the leader of protocol and prayer ministry at ICC Nairobi. She is married to Emmanuel Chiruyi Walingo, and together they have been blessed with three children: Nathaniel, Noah and Hadassah. Her family is her greatest ministry and calling. She has been a member of ICC Nairobi for many years. She is passionate about studying and dividing the Word of truth correctly so that believers live up to what God has called them to be. She is also passionate about mentoring, coaching, counselling, and teaching ladies across board to help them realize who they are in Christ. Prayer is that one thing that keeps her alive and energized. She dreams of ICC Nairobi becoming a house of prayer.

Who We Are

As the prayer Ministry, we teach people about prayer in the simplest way possible; one that can be understood by a child. Prayer is communication between a loving Father and His children.

We introduce people to the different postures in prayer that are listed in the Bible. For example lifting up hands, lying prostrate, kneeling down, standing, lying on one’s bed and walking.

We teach people on the different ways to communicate to God in prayer. For example, shout, whisper, sigh, write, sing, read a Psalm, talk, being quiet before God to listen to Him. We are intentional in communicating to the congregation the importance of prayer at all levels.

We teach believers on the need for the power of the Holy Spirit and pray for those who may desire baptism in the Holy Spirit.

We give people a platform to testify about how God has answered their prayers.

We show leadership by setting an example to the rest by being fervent in prayer both in their private and public lives Luke 11:1

We Emphasize the importance of prayer by consciously setting a side prayer services and a time during Sunday services for prayer (give opportunities for people to pray). We also teach the different types of prayer­­­-The Lord’s Prayer, Prayer of praise and thanksgiving, Repentance, petitioning for oneself or others.

Let Us Pray With You