Brothers In Christ Kingdom Service

Who We Are

B.R.I.C.K.S are a band of brothers who believe in speaking to the issues of men in this generation, walking together and leaving no man behind. We strengthen our hearts, honor or lord Jesus , and become part of each other’s journeys.


We exist to lead each other as men in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


 We are friends: old friends making new friends, always allowing the circle to grow wider. We are family: accepting one another and challenging each other to grow in our faith.


Ministry Leader

Peter Githaka is the leader for the BRICKS Men’s Ministry in ICC Nairobi. He is married to Muthoni Githaka and together they are blessed with two boys. Peter works in the banking industry and is passionate about there being a revival in the men of this generation. He believes that if men come together and speak out, then we can re-define what Masculinity means in this generation and change in the Manhood narrative. 

Who We Are

We help each other deepen our relationship with Christ so as to fulfill our purpose as godly men. We foster relationships that are intentional, purposeful, vulnerable, dependable, accountable, truthful and loving.

We Equip each other to be more Christ-like disciple-makers in our roles as husbands, fathers, and leaders in the church and community.

We connect with other men in the community, learn valuable life skills, network and benchmark from each other.

We Mentor, Allowing mature, godly men to assist in the training of younger men both in and outside the church .These Mentor relationships are designed to be grounded in the sufficiency of the scriptures and prayer and to intentionally encourage, teach, exhort, train, and hold our younger sons and brothers as they grow to be the men God planned them to be.

We Serve. BRICKS believes that we as men exist to bring honor and glory to God. We do this by serving each other, our church and our local community.

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