Who We Are

The ICC Market Place was on the way to launch its 2030 vision of developing 1,000 Kingdom Businesses and Raising 10,000 Market Place Leaders when the pandemic hit Kenya. The Ministry immediately activated initiatives to cushion its most vulnerable members from the effects and designed an intervention to assist those who had lost income either through job losses or business closure. 


Our Mission

We have noted the great opportunity presented by this initiative in strengthening the livelihoods of small scale entrepreneurs from low income households to build their resiliency. We would like to scale up and sustain this program in the long run.

Outreach and Key Outcomes

20 individuals from low income households enrolled into the business startup initiative launched in August 2020 (2 cohorts).

10 small business startups funded with 8 startups awaiting review as they receive ongoing business mentorship in the marketplace. 

24 entrepreneurs were funded in a 50:50 tuition fee share ratio in May through August 2020 for the FasTrak Training an 11 weeks training for entrepreneurs.


19 professionals and entrepreneurs were funded in a 50:50 tuition cost share ratio to attend the Crisis Crash Course 2020, a micro-MBA type training designed by the Sinapis group.

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