Front Runners

Frontrunnerz is the Youth Church for ICC. Here we aim to raise a Godly Generation of young adults ready to face and take on the world with Jesus on their side. We challenge our youth to be bold and courageous in an ever increasing world full of adversity. Oh, and we also have insane amounts of fun doing it!

Ministry Leader

Pastor Brian Bukachi is an avid follower of Christ, husband to Yvonne Ogada, father of two girls, a son to a loving family and the ICC church community. He has been in ICC for the last 21 years and this community has shaped a lot of who he is today. He is passionate about young people, wholesome growth and believes God has given him a mandate to help young people remain in Christ. Pastor Brian considers discipleship, leadership and performing arts as his main tools of trade.

Pastor Brian has been in ICC since he got saved and later on as a staff member for the last 6 years . He started of in the drama and dance ministry and has served in many youth related ministries including Masks off , Connect Groups and Couple’s Ministry.


Why do we exist?
CrossPoint is our Young Adults ministry here at ICC Nairobi. We are an intersection of 2(two)points and as Young Adults, we are all too aware of the cross over from dependence to full independence and the world of decisions that awaits us, as we juggle roles, responsibilities and relationships around us.
CrossPoint exists to provide a biblical foundation for life, while encouraging fellowship, equipping and challenging Young Adults to move in light of their identity in Christ and influencing generation for the Kingdom.

Who can come?
If you are between the ages of 25-35, please consider this an invitation to Crosspoint! And oh, don’t worry about whether you are unmarried aka single, married with or without children, single with children, divorced, you get the drill? Everyone is invited!

When do we meet?
In these COVID times, our meetings have been mainly on Zoom once a week, every Friday from 8:00- 9:00pm


Are you curious about the Bible and would like to grow more in your knowledge of the Bible? Then Life House is the place for you! We go through books of the Bible, chapter by chapter and verse by verse as we seek to understand and live out the word. We also do studies on various topics and what the Bible has to say about them.

Life House is a weekly Bible study that takes place every Thursday evening from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. We currently meet online. Would you like to join us? Sign up to get the link.

Link to previous classes below :

Masks Off

Calling out to any and every youth out there that is curious and has many questions on how to do this Christian life well. We don’t have any specific answers for you but we welcome you to join the conversation . Masksoff is a space where we get to bring different people and to hear from one another, as we pursue to be more like Christ here on earth.