Family Ministry

The ICC Nairobi Family Ministry runs various programs through its dockets listed below in alignment to the allin goals of winning 1 million souls, making 100,000 disciples, raising 10,000 market place leaders and planting 100 churches and guided by our mission statement of Connecting people to God and to each other, Challenging Believers to Christlikeness and Changing the world.

Who We Are

The ICC Nairobi Family Ministry is under the Authentic Community Pillar. The units under family Ministry are as follows; Blessed Nesters (parents whose children have left home); Widows / Widowers (those who have lost their spouses through death); Single Parents (raising child/ren alone – never married / separated from spouse / loss of spouse through death), Singles over 30 (Optimize); Marriages (Premarital Counseling, Marriage Blessing, Weddings and Married couples); Counselling (walking with people going through different challenges); Rising Strong (support groups for people after going through a traumatic experience); Rites of Passage Experiences (ROPES); Parenting; VCT (Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing) Services.


Ministry Leader

Pastor Emma is the Family Pastor and Head of Counselling at ICC Nairobi. She is very passionate about people and their wellbeing and mental health issues. She has vast experience in people management and administration having worked in the Corporate world for over 10 years in various capacities.  Pastor Emma has served as a Volunteer in various ministries at ICC for over 15 and joined the staff team in December, 2019. She holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Daystar University. She is an Associate Counselor, KCPA and a sought-after Counseling Psychologist. She is also a certified Mental Health Coach by Light University, USA. She is married to Pastor. Gilbert Karitu and are blessed with three daughters; Eve, Joy and Mya.


The vision for Family Ministry is to have thriving individuals and families who are grounded in God’s words and living holistic and healthy lives Spiritually, Psychologically, Socially, Physically, Intellectually, Mentally, Family wise and Financially -360 degrees wellness. 

Family Ministry Dockets

1. Premarital Counseling

Prepares dating / courting individuals intending to get into holy matrimony for a marriage that honors God in all aspects and ascertain marital readiness of the couple – 12 weeks’ program that culminates in a graduation ceremony and placement in a Marriage Enrichment Group. Has 3 intakes (January- March, May – July and September – December). Registration for 2024 ongoing.

**Charges are as follows:

ICC Members – 15,000.00

Non-ICC Members – 18,000.00


2. Marriage Blessing

Prepares couples staying together for solemnization of their marriage. It also equips couples who got married but did not get an opportunity of going through  a comprehensive premarital counseling with critical information and techniques that will help them in their marriages. Registration for 2024 ongoing.

3. Marriage Enrichment

Conferences, workshops, boot camps, dinners, outdoor activities and an annual Couples Retreat that gives an opportunity for couples to come together to learn, fellowship and have fun.

4. Singles (Optimize)

Forum for singles, never married over 30 who meet to discuss the issues that older singles in society face.

5. Counseling Services

Appointment based sessions with qualified professional counselors who help people deal with issues that they are going through e.g. loss and grief, marital, depression, trauma, stress, family issues, relationships, addictions etc.


Hotline : 0701932774

6. Parenting

Parenting forums for parents with children in different age groups to equip them with parenting skills and knowledge to enable them raise Godly generations.

7. ROPEs

Rights of Passage Experiences – A Christ-Centered transition program for pre-teenagers that runs for a year within which children are transitioned into adulthood, meaningfully anchored in timeless Kingdom values.  The program focuses on the final year junior school (or equivalent) pupils aged between 13 – 14 years.  Registration for 2024 ongoing.

8. Blessed Nesters

Forum for Seniors whose children have already left home who meet to fellowship, bond, have fun. They also offer Mentorship to the young people. 

9. VCT Services

Pre and Post Voluntary Counseling and Testing of HIV for an individual to be aware of their status and steps to take if one tests positive or negative. 


11. Rising Strong Ministry

Support groups for people who have gone through a major change in life. 

  • Single Parents:  A forum that brings together single parents (raising child/ren alone – never married / separated from spouse / loss of spouse through death) to bond, fellowship, encourage each other and discuss the issues and challenges of single parent living. 


  • Widows / Widowers: Forum for widows and widowers that meets for fellowship, encourage and be accountable with each other and discuss issues that affect them. 


  • Loss and Grief: Support group for people who have gone through a major loss in life. To be broken down further to groups for different cases e.g. loss through death, diagnosed with a chronic illness (cancer, diabetes etc), depression, separation, divorce etc (not yet running – setting up the different support groups for various cases.)