Extreme Obedience - King Hezekiah

The children will learn that-:

  • Obedience is trusting God
  • When you obey God he will protect you

Bible Story Reference: 2 Kings 18:1-37

Memory Verse: 

Proverbs 3:1-2 (NIV)

My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you peace and prosperity.


  • Recap the last lesson on how Lot’s wife disobeyed God.
  • Ask the children if they have ever disobeyed their parents? What kind of punishment did they receive for disobeying?

Bible Story

  • God’s city Jerusalem did not look like a city where His people worshiped the One True God. Judah’s king Ahaz was wicked and disobeyed God’s laws and led God’s people to worship false gods.
  • Ahaz’s son Hezekiah became king after Ahaz died. Hezekiah opened the doors of the temple and had the Levites repair and remove every wicked thing that did not belong in the Lord’s temple.
  • When Hezekiah had been king for 14 years Sennacherib the king of Assyria attacked some cities in Judah and captured them. Hezekiah told him that he would pay the king whatever he wanted if he would leave the land of Judah. Hezekiah gave Sennacherib all that he asked for.
  • Later Sennacherib sent some of his men with a message for Hezekiah. The messengers threatened people to make peace with Sennacherib and they will have a good life and will not die.
  • God’s people heard the threatening message from Sennacherib but they did not say a word because they listened to Hezekiah who told them to remain silent.
  • Hezekiah’s helpers went to him and told him Sennacherib’s message and Hezekiah went to tell Isaiah about what Sennacherib said.
  • Isaiah told Hezekiah not to be afraid. God heard all the wicked things that Sennacherib had said and he would be punished.
  • God heard Hezekiah’s prayer and sent Isaiah the prophet with His answer.
  • That very night God sent an angel who caused 185,000 soldiers to die. In the morning when Sennacherib saw that 185,000 of his soldiers died in the night he went back to his home in Nineveh. When he was at home in the temple worshiping his god his 2 sons put him to death.
  • Hezekiah believed God would help. He prayed confidently when he was facing an attack from King Sennacherib. God heard Hezekiah’s prayer and answered by protecting His city and people.
  • Because Hezekiah loved and obeyed God all God’s commands, God made sure that Hezekiah succeeded in everything that he did.


  1. How old was Hezekiah when he became king?
  2. Does being young excuse us from being obedient?
  3. How did God bless Hezekiah’s obedience?
  4. Has it ever seemed to you that your parents are not giving you anything good or that they are taking away too many of your privileges?
  5. Do you think your parents follow God’s example by rewarding obedience and punishing disobedience?
  6. Do you think your parents would rather give you good things, or punish you?
  7. What do you need to do when your parents give you instructions?
  8. True or False Hezekiah’s father King Ahaz was a godly king. (False)
  9. True or False Hezekiah was a good king who trusted and obeyed God. (True)
  10. How did Hezekiah respond when he heard Sennacherib’s threats? (He prayed)
  11. What can you pray confidently about this week that you know God will hear and you can trust He will answer?


Dear God help me to trust and obey you in all situations.



Hezekiah’s Problem

What You Need

  • Red paper
  • Two blue squares of paper
  • Two yellow squares of paper
  • Marker or crayon
  • Glue


  1. Fold down a small edge of each blue and yellow square.
  2. On the right side of red paper, glue the blue and yellow edges down ONLY.
  3. Press down on the right side of paper, so that each flap pops up.
  4. Write “2 Kings 18 & 19 ” and “Hezekiah’s Problem” down the left edge of red paper.
  5. On FLAP ONE: Write “What did Hezekiah do when Sennacherib took all the cities that had walls around them?
  6. Under FLAP ONE: Write “He finally told the King of Assyria to stop fighting and he would pay silver and gold to him.”
  7. On FLAP TWO: Write “What did the Assyrian officers do and say that was sinful and wicked?”
  8. Under FLAP TWO: Write “They had no respect for God and blasphemed against Him.”
  9. On FLAP THREE: Write “When the Assyrian officers left Jerusalem, what did Good King Hezekiah do?
  10. Under FLAP THREE: Write “He tore his clothes, covered himself in sackcloth, went to the temple, and sent messengers to the prophet, Isaiah.
  11. On FLAP FOUR: Write “When God said He would save Jerusalem for David’s sake, what did the angel of the LORD do?”
  12. Under FLAP FOUR: Write “He struck the Assyrian’s camp. 185,000 died. No arrows were shot in Jerusalem. Not one!”