The Empty Tomb

The child will be able to describe the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Bible Story Reference: Matthew 28:1-10; John 20:19-23

Memory Verse: 

1 Corinthians 15:22 (NIV)

For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.


  • In the last lesson, we learned about how Jesus paid the price for our sins. What tore into two pieces the moment Jesus died on the cross? (The curtain in the temple.)
  • Today, we will learn more about why Jesus’ death was important and what happened afterward.

Bible Story

It was early on Sunday morning when two women walked to Jesus’ tomb. They were going to put spices on his body because that was the custom in those days. But they had to wait until the Sabbath was over. (The Sabbath is a special day of rest from Friday evening to Saturday evening. God’s people did not work on this day to remember that God created everything in six days and rested on the seventh day.)
Suddenly, there was a strong earthquake, and an angel appeared. He rolled away the stone and sat on it. The soldiers who were standing guard at the tomb became afraid and fainted.
“Do not be afraid!” the angel said. “Jesus is not here. God has brought him back to life! Come and look. His body is not here. Now hurry! Go tell his disciples.”
The women were excited and ran from the tomb to go tell Jesus’ disciples. As they were on their way, Jesus met them. The women fell at his feet and worshipped him.
“Do not be afraid,” Jesus said. “Go tell my disciples to go to Galilee. I will see them there.”
Jesus’ disciples were afraid of the Jewish leaders. So, they had locked themselves inside a room. Suddenly, Jesus appeared in the middle of them! He greeted them and showed them the wounds in his hands and on his side. The disciples knew it was Jesus.
“I am sending you, just as the Father has sent me,” Jesus told them. Then, Jesus breathed on them.
“Receive the Holy Spirit,” Jesus said. “If you forgive anyone’s sins, they will be forgiven.”


Jesus was alive! This was big news! Before Jesus died, he had said that he would give his life up to rescue many people (Mark 10:45). This promise was fulfilled when Jesus died and came back to life. Jesus died willingly and on purpose. It was not an accident. He suffered and died for everyone who would believe in him.
The consequence for our sins should be death (Romans 6:20). When Jesus rose from the dead, he showed that he was more powerful than sin and death. Because Jesus died and rose again, he made a way for us to be able to have eternal life. This means that everyone who believes in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour will live forever in heaven with him.

  1. What did Jesus show his disciples inside the locked room? (Jesus showed them the wounds in his hands and his side.)
  2. What did this tell the disciples? (It was really Jesus. Jesus had been dead in the tomb. Then, he had come back to life!)
  3. Why is Jesus’ death and resurrection important? (It shows that Jesus is more powerful than sin and death. Jesus’ death paid the price for our sins. But Jesus’ resurrection shows that the price has been paid in full!)


Dear God,
Thank you for the gift of forgiveness that Jesus bought with his life. Amen.



Jesus Rises From The Grave!

What You Need

  • Brown paper
  • Small piece of paper napkin / serviette
  • Scraps of orange, blue, light brown , and dark brown paper
  • Crayons
  • Marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Fold the brown paper in half.

  2. With fold at top, draw a great stone at right, three rounded corners, and a curved line.

  3. Cut on lines and open folded paper.
  4. Cut out a 2.5″ x 6″ rectangle. Round two corners. This is where they laid Jesus.
  5. Glue this rectangle on the right side and bottom edge of brown paper.
  6. Cut a long strip and a small square out of a paper towel or napkin. This the linen cloth and linen napkin and fold each.
  7. Glue folded napkin and folded towel on top of brown rectangle. Label each.
  8. Cut two 1″ circles. These are Peter and John’s heads.
  9. Cut out blue and orange triangles.These are their clothes.
  10. Cut out one orange arm and two blue arms.
  11. Cut out three tiny hands out of scraps of light brown.
  12. Assemble Peter and John and then glue and colour.
  13. Glue Peter inside the tomb.
  14. Glue John on the outside of the stone.
  15. Write “Peter” and “John” on the two men.
  16. Write “Great Stone” on the rounded stone.
  17. Write “Jesus Rises From The Grave On The Third Day” and “Luke 24:7” on the outside of the tomb.
  18. Open brown paper.
  19. On the inside of the stone, write “On the first day of the week” and “John 20:1.”
  20. On the right side of the tomb, write “He is not here!” , “He is Risen!” and “Matthew 28:6.”
  21. Between napkin and linen clothing, write “John 20:7