Paul's Journey

The child will be able to describe how God stepped in so that the gospel could be shared.

Bible Story Reference: Acts 13:1-12

Memory Verse: 

Philippians 3:14 (NIV)

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.


  • In the last lesson, we learned a very important truth about God. When is God in control? (always.)
  • Today, we will learn about another specific example that also shows that God is always in control.

Bible Story

There was a church of Christians in a city called Antioch. While the people were there worshipping and praying, the Holy Spirit spoke to them.
“Send Barnabas and Saul to do the work I have chosen for them,” the Holy Spirit told them.
Everyone prayed some more. Then, they sent the two men out to do what God had called them to do.
Barnabas and Saul left and began to preach God’s message to others. One day, a city governor who was very smart wanted to hear God’s message. So, he sent for the two men to come to him. But another man named Bar-Jesus did not want the governor to have faith in God. He practiced witchcraft, and he was against Barnabas and Saul coming to speak to the governor.
Saul (who was also known as Paul) became filled with the Holy Spirit. (During this time, it was common for people to have two names. After becoming a Christian, Saul usually went by his other name, ”Paul.”)
“You are evil!” Paul said. “You are an enemy of everything that is true and right. God will punish you by making you completely blind for a while.” At that moment, the evil man’s eyes were covered with dark mist. He stumbled around trying to get someone to take his hand and lead him. But when the governor saw what had happened, he was amazed and put his faith in God.


God did not let Bar-Jesus prevent the governor from hearing the good news about Jesus. He wants everyone to hear the good news, and his power can overcome any obstacle. God’s power amazed the governor and caused him to believe in God. God is all-powerful. And once again, God proved there is no other god or person like him. He is the one true God!
Paul and Barnabas could have been afraid. They could have left when Bar-Jesus tried to stop them from going to the governor. But instead, they trusted in God. God gave them the confidence, words, and the power they needed to tell the governor about Jesus.

We can ask God to give us wisdom and confidence to share the good news about Jesus, too.

  1. How did God prove his power was greater than Bar-Jesus’ evil witchcraft? (God covered Bar-Jesus’ eyes with a dark mist and caused him to be completely blind.)
  2. How did God step in so that the gospel (good news about Jesus) could be shared? (The Holy Spirit told the Christians at Antioch that Paul and Barnabas had work to do. God gave the men confidence to go to the governor even though Bar-Jesus was against them. Then, God caused
    Bar-Jesus to become completely blind.)
  3. God gave Paul and Barnabas the confidence, words, and power they needed to do what he had called them to do. God will do the same for you when you choose to obey him. How does this make you feel? How can you respond? (Answers will vary but might include feeling
    comforted, empowered, and confident. We can respond by choosing to obey God even when it is not easy or comfortable to do so.)


Dear God,
Help me to share Jesus with others, so that they may come to know you, too. Amen.



Elymas / Bar-Jesus Goes Blind

What You Need

  • Paper preferably black and brown
  • Clear paper e.g. cling foil
  • Markers
  • Crayons/coloured pencils
  • Stapler


  1. Draw a picture of Elymas and Saul looking at each other and color them.
  2. Above Elymas’ head, write “Elymas”.
  3. Above Saul’s head, write “Saul”, then cross out the “S” with a red crayon/coloured pencil. Write a “P” close by the word “Saul.”
  4. Draw a small arrow from the word Elymas to the picture of Elymas.
  5. Draw a small arrow from the word “Paul” to the picture of Paul.
  6. On the edge of the paper close to Paul, write “Filled with Holy Spirit.”
  7. On the edge of the paper close to Elymas, write “Withstood Paul and Barnabas.”
  8. In the middle of the words “Elymas” and “Paul”, write the word “AND”.
    Below the word “and”, write “…and now, behold, the hand of the Lord is upon you, and you shall be blind, not seeing the sun for a season.” Draw a line all around the words, beginning close to Paul’s mouth and ending close to Paul’s mouth. This is a speech bubble.
  9. Below the speech bubble, write, “Immediately, a mist and a darkness feel on him and he went about seeking someone to lead him by the hand” Also, write, “Acts 13:1-13.”
  10. The clear paper will be the mist.Write the word, “mist” at the bottom of the clear paper.
  11. Write the word, “DARKNESS” across the front of the black paper.
  12. Place the clear paper over Elymas’ face, folding excess clear paper to the back of the brown paper.
  13. Place black paper over the mist, completely covering Elymas, folding the excess clear paper and black paper to the back of the brown paper.
  14. Staple both papers at the top of the brown paper.
  15. Fold both the clear paper and the black paper to the back of the brown paper.
  16. Re-tell the story to your friends and family by covering Elymas first in the mist, then in darkness.