One Nation One Worship 2020

Hope Has A Name

Our Hope has a name, and that name is Jesus, that Power is Jesus. The well that we draw from; the life that we hold onto. His power bends nature to its will, makes ordinary extraordinary and restores places long devastated. His divine presence encompasses the universe and his spirit is present protecting those who have been led astray. In him the Nation stands. In the midst of chaos, he leads revival. Through him a wave of renewal is prevailing. Let us resound in a chorus of worship that shakes the ground, one that will make the enemy quiver. Let us call on Jesus to deliver our victory; let us call on Jesus to deliver our destiny. We are one people with one voice. We are one people with one movement We are one people with one hope. We Are One Nation with One Worship.

One Nation During A Pandemic

In 2020, the worship experience happened virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic with the theme “Hope Has A Name” to remind people that there is hope through Jesus Christ. One Nation One Worship was broadcasted and livestreamed over the weekend of 7th – 9th September through digital, web channels and a national television station. The worship experience reached over one million people, impacting thousands through prayer and culminating in over 200 salvations and over 200 Bibles distributed across the country. Despite the challenges of the season, One nation One Worship truly lived up to its core message as a multidenominational day of Prayer and Worship. 

Behind The Scenes Coming Soon!