Paul Meets Lydia

This story is about a lady who believed in the Lord Jesus.

The child will learn that:-

  • Paul and his friends were guided by the Holy Spirit to tell people about Jesus.
  • Anyone can hear the message about Jesus and believe it.

Bible Story Reference: Acts 16: 6-15

Memory Verse: 

Acts 2:21 (NIV)

And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Opening Activity

  • Ask the child to tell you about a time when they went on a journey far away. Where did you go? How long did it take you? Who did you see there?
  • Explain to the child that today’s story is about Paul and his friends going on a journey.

Bible Story

  • Paul and his two friends Silas and Timothy travelled for many miles, going from country to country. The Holy Spirit showed them exactly where God wanted them to go. No matter where they went, there were lots of people who needed to hear about the Lord Jesus. (Acts 16: 6-8)
  • Eventually they arrived at a seaside town. That night, Paul had a special kind of dream in which a man from Macedonia pleaded with Paul to come over and help the people there. Paul knew that God was showing them clearly where they should go next. (Acts 16: 9-10) Explain that God wanted the people there to hear about Jesus so He sent Paul and his friends there. It doesn’t matter to God where we live. He wants everyone to hear about Him.
  • Quickly they found a ship going there. Soon they arrived in a large city called Philippi. On the Sabbath day, Paul and his friends went outside the city to the river bank. There they found some ladies who had come to pray. (Acts 16: 11-13) The ladies at the river were praying to God. Where can we talk to God? (Explain to the child that we can talk to God anywhere)
  • One of the ladies was called Lydia. She sold purple cloth. She had believed in God for a long time but she had never heard about God’s Son, the Lord Jesus. Lydia listened carefully to all that Paul said. She knew in her heart that what she heard was true and she became a believer in the Lord Jesus. She was so glad that Paul had come to her city. (Acts 16: 14-15) Lydia’s family became Christians too. They were all baptised and Lydia invited Paul and his friends to stay at her house.
  • Talk about the change which believing in Jesus brought to Lydia and her family. Explain that when a person becomes a believer in Jesus, it will make a difference.


Use these True/False statements for a quiz:

    1. Name one of Paul’s friends.
    2. Who showed them where God wanted them to go?
    3. What happened in Paul’s dream?
    4. How did Paul and his friends travel to Macedonia?
    5. Where did Paul and his friends meet the ladies?
    6. What were they doing?
    7. What was Lydia’s job?
    8. What did Lydia do when she heard about Jesus?


Dear Jesus, talk to my friends and family to get to know you.


Clothes Line

As Paul traveled and talked to people about Jesus, individuals like Lydia became Christians. The Bible says Lydia sold purple fabric. This craft will help remind the child about Lydia’s conversion.

What You Need

  • Two Sticks
  • Thread
  • Paper
  • Permanent marker
  • Purple Reusable bag
  • Scissor
  • Glue


  1. Give the child a piece of purple reusable bag and instruct them to cut it into three small rectangles.
  2. Give the child two sticks and a length of thread and instruct them to construct a “clothes line” with the items on the paper.
  3. Have the child write one word from “God Loves You” on each of the three pieces of cloth with a permanent marker. The child can use abbreviated “text” language if they’d like.