Children to -:  

  • Remember that there are real blessings to those who obey God’s commands.
  •  Trust God for peace in our lives and in our country Kenya.
  •  Encourage one another to always pray and unite in building our nation.

Bible Story Reference:

Deuteronomy 28:1-12; Genesis 25, 27 & 33; Nehemiah 1 – 3

Memory Verse: 

 Psalm 33:12 – [GNB]:

Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord; happy are the people He
has chosen for His own! – Psalm 33:1


The 3 lessons we learnt in this month of prayer all start with letter ‘B’ (Let the children echo Letter “B”) Letter ‘B’ stands for ‘Bless’. In the first lesson, we learnt that God will bless us with fruitfulness when we choose to obey Him, from the topic – Bless Our Nation with Fruitfulness. (Hold out the fruit/vegetable
basket.) That’s what this fruit basket reminds us of.

In Deuteronomy 28:1-12 we learnt that God promised to bless the people of Israel with many things if they chose to obey Him. He said that He would make their nation greater than any other nation on earth, make them His own people, bless their towns and their fields, bless them with many children, with abundant crops, and with many cattle and sheep, bless their grain crops and the food they prepare, etc. Even today, God will bless us, and our nation Kenya when we choose to obey Him.


Bible Story

Our blessings will come from Obedience (Let the children echo the statement). Show them how to make letter “O” by bringing their two hands on top of their heads to make an ‘O’ symbol and have them shout ‘Obedience!’ I hope we have been obeying God, our parents/guardians, our teachers, etc. Now let us sing a song that reminds us to obey.

Hold out the peace sign paper cut out, then ask the children to make the peace sign with their fingers. In the second week, our topic was ‘Bless Our Nation with Peace’ that’s why we have the peace sign. Our Bible story was from the book of Genesis 25, 27 & 33. We learnt about twin brothers who made peace with each other. Jacob had tricked his brother and his father Isaac.

Jacob pretended to be Esau and went to his father who could not see, and he was blessed. When Esau got home, he was very angry at his brother Jacob and hated him. He had taken all his blessings! Esau planned to harm his brother, but Jacob ran away and went to stay with his uncle. Many years later the two brothers met and guess what they did? They made peace with each other. Jacob approached his brother, Esau ran to meet him, threw his arms round him, and kissed him.

They both cried tears of joy because they had made peace with each other. Jacob was sorry and even brought his brother many gifts. Esau had chosen to forgive his brother, even without the gifts. In this lesson, we learnt that we should do our best to live in peace with everybody; and that when we do something wrong, we should admit our mistakes and make peace by asking for forgiveness. Ask: Have we forgiven those who have wronged us? Who do we need to tell sorry for wronging them? (Allow the children to respond.) Let’s do our best to make peace with those around us and remember that we can pray to God and ask Him to bless our nation and our families with peace. Where there’s peace, families and nations will do well.Last week, our topic was ‘Bless Our Nation with Unity’ and our Bible story was from the book of Nehemiah 1-3. We saw Nehemiah being told that the walls of Jerusalem were broken, and the people were in danger. They were not safe from their enemies. Nehemiah decided put God first and He prayed. He asked God to
forgive him for his sins and the sins of his people. He then went to the king to ask for permission to go to his home town. God was with Nehemiah and the king gave him permission. He also gave him letters to take to the governors, and even an army to go with him. Since he could not do the rebuilding on his own, he asked the people to join him. In this lesson, we learnt that we should pray and put God first before doing anything, know that everyone
is important, and that God will give us success when we work together as one/in unity. God will indeed bless our families with fruitfulness, with peace and with unity when we choose to obey His Word. We can trust Him because His Word is true. I would like us to take some time and pray. Get several
children to pray for our country, leaders, families, the sick and needy, the church, etc. Conclude by asking God to bless our families & nation with fruitfulness, peace and unity.



Father in Jesus name, we thank You for our nation Kenya. Thank you for blessing us with fruitfulness, peace and unity. We pray that as we gather for ACPD to praise you and to pray for our nation, that You may forgive us our sins, and help us love one another and work together in unity. In Jesus name,