Children to -:

  • Children to know how to pray

  •  Children to create a prayer routine

  •  Children to desire a lifestyle of prayer

Bible Story Reference:

Daniel 6: 1-22 Matthew 6:6

Memory Verse: 

Isaiah 32:8 “But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.”


Have kids define their bond with friends. How they met, how they stay friends and how often they want to talk. Link to lifestyle of prayer as God is our Father and friend too.

Bible Story

Prayer is communicating with God. He is our father and loves us very much. He loves to hear from us every day. Our Bible story today shows prayer can be a lifestyle if we understand why we pray. Such a person was Daniel. One day, King Darius chose leaders to rule throughout the kingdom, one of whom was Daniel. Now Daniel had exceptional qualities that the king planned to put him in charge over the whole kingdom. The other leaders tried to find fault in Daniel, but because he was trustworthy they knew Daniel had no wrong unless it had something to do with the law of his God. So they put a new law that everyone who worshiped any other god apart from the king for the next thirty days should be thrown into the lions’ den Daniel continued to pray three times a day. When the spies found him, they reported him. King Darius loved Daniel but could not help him as the law could not be changed. When Daniel was taken to the den; he had no one else but God. He prayed and the Lord sent an Angel to cover the mouth of lions. The King was sorrowful and also hoped that Daniel’s God would save him. The next day Daniel came out saying “They have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight. “ God is our friend.
● He wants us to talk to him every day and every time. Prayer just like talking to a friend draws us closer to God, and His desires become our
● When we pray continually, we are likely to do the will of God, and actualize the visions that He grants us. We will also be able to listen to his voice and understand what He needs from us.
● Like Daniel’s situation it may be difficult to pray in our environments, but God will protect us, from others and from ourselves. Ask Him to teach you how to pray and to enable you to pray despite the challenges.


1. What type of man was Daniel? Prayerful
2. How many times did Daniel pray in a day? Three times a day
3. To who should we pray and when? God and every time
4. What happened in the lion’s Den? An angel of God prevented the lions from eating Daniel.


Dear God, help me honor my time of prayer every day. In Jesus name Amen.


Create a prayer routine for the week. Share with a friend.