Children to -:

  • Children to know they can serve in a selfless way
  • Children to identify challenges that may hinder their selfless service
  • Children to courageously serve in all circumstances

Bible Story Reference:

Luke 23:44-56, 24:1-12,

Memory Verse: 

John 3:16

 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 


  • Give opportunities to children in the class to serve in different ways like welcoming other children, collecting offerings, leading worship, giving out the activities and distributing stationary, arranging the seats and tidying up the class. What was their experience? What were the challenges?

Bible Story

  • Today is a special day for us. It marks the day we celebrate Jesus coming back to life. Jesus died but He did not stay dead.
  • When Jesus was removed from the cross, a man named Joseph of Arimathea asked to go and bury Jesus’ body. He placed Jesus’ body in his own new tomb that had never been used before. 
  • Some women had been following Jesus when He was alive and even when He was arrested, they did not stop following Him. These women were there where Jesus was crucified. When He died and was buried they saw where He had been buried. They went and bought some spices and prepared to come and anoint Jesus’ body. Very early in the morning, they 
  • did not want anything or anyone to stop them but were determined to serve Jesus.
  • The women were not afraid about what others would say. When Jesus was arrested, everyone got scared and ran away from Him, even His disciples ran away from Him. Everyone was afraid to be identified with Jesus and the possibility of being arrested. These women, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome boldly went to the tomb.
  • The women wanted to serve Jesus in a special way by anointing His body. All they wanted was to serve Jesus, it was later that they realized they had a big challenge before them. Who was going to roll away the big stone at the front of the tomb?
  • When the women arrived at the tomb they met men in white who gave them the exciting news of Jesus’ resurrection.
  • The women were ready to serve Jesus but Jesus had already come back to life. Jesus showed Himself to Mary Magdalene and she went to tell the disciples that He was alive.
  • Like the women sometimes we will have challenges in our desire to serve, but Jesus would want us to serve no matter what. That we will not let the barriers and challenges stop us from giving our very best to those He has given us to serve.



  1. Who asked for Jesus’ body to bury it? Joseph of Arimathea
  2. What were the women going to do at the tomb? To anoint Jesus body
  3. Who were the women that went to the tomb? Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome..
  4. Who rolled the stone away? The angels



God, I pray that you may show me ways in which I can serve the people around me and share the gospel of Jesus to them. Amen.


Children identify the challenges that would keep them from serving but to serve no matter what. Decide to do a chore that is usually difficult and serve your parents. You can choose to prepare and serve a meal to your parents.