Children to -:

  • Children will learn that God is the one who gave first. He is the most generous
  • The children will give generously
  • Children will find joy in giving

Bible Story Reference:

Genesis 1:1, 26-31, 2:4-8, 15-24, 3:13-15, 21

Memory Verse: 

1 John 3: 16 or 18

16This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. 17If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? 18Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. 


  • Pair up the children, and have one of them take 3 color pencils in their hand. Have the one with the colors hand them to their partner. Then have the 2nd child give back 1 color to the one who had them all in the first place. Explain to the children how God gives us all things and we just give back what He has already given to us

Bible Story

    • What does radical generosity mean?

      Radical generosity is a belief, a value system, a choice, and a practice. It is choosing to be available and meeting the needs of others before your own needs.

      Radical generosity is about giving God more than is expected of us. When we choose to give in a radical generous way, we honor God.Radical generosity compels us to go beyond what is asked of us because we are not giving because we have, we are giving because God has already given us. God has given us life, breath, good health and everything good. And so we give from what God Himself has already given to us.  

      The word radical means entirely, completely, absolutely. 

      The word generous means readiness to give more than expected, more than usual.

      In the Bible we have several stories of people who gave very generously. When the Temple was to be built, King David gave so much to prepare so that his son would later build the temple. When the Queen of Sheba came to visit King Solomon, she brought him different special gifts like spices, precious stones and gold. The widow who gave all she had, Jesus recognized her to have given more than anyone else in the Bible. The widow who fed Elijah obeyed and made food for Elijah and God gave her more and more.

      But the most generous person in the Bible is God.

      At the very start when He created Adam, he made a special friend for Adam, his wife called Eve. God put them in the beautiful garden to help Him take care of the garden and all that He had made. He loved man so much that He gave him dominion (that is power and authority over everything). God is the one that gives us everything. He gives us life, food, friends, money and everything we have.

      Unfortunately, man listened to the devil and sinned against God. Did that make God stop loving and being generous to man? NO  

      God’s generosity is not based on anything we do but because that is who He is. He is a loving and generous God. God continues to give to His children.

      God’s generosity to man was shown when man sinned, God made clothes using animal skin to cover Adam and Eve. God also set out a plan to make sure that the friendship with man would be restored. God and man will be best friends again. He would send someone special. His Son Jesus would come because God did not spare anything to show how generous He is to us.

      God saw how much we needed Him.


    • God wants us to be like Him, to walk in a generous way. That we will love to be a blessing to those around us. That nothing will keep us from giving where we are able to give to help someone. Like God we are to give with a lot of love and not with complaining.




1 Who are some of the people in the Bible who gave? King David, the Queen of Sheba

2 Who was the best giver in the Bible? God

3 How does God want us to give? With love and cheerfully

4.Who does God send to show how generous He is? His son Jesus


God I pray that you may open my eyes to see that you have already given me everything I have. Holy Spirit help me to be more generous with what I have. Amen.


God gives to you generously because He loves you. Who can you show the love of Jesus through what you give? What are some things you have that you can give?