Children to -:

  • To understand the benefits of working as a team
  • To identify areas to work as a team
  • To experience the joy of working as a team

Bible Story Reference:

Psalm 78:70-72, Exodus 31:1-6

Memory Verse: 

Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,


  • Upholding best practices and standards means that our work and service is always the best no matter what. That we will work as a team to achieve the very best results.

Bible Story

  • Being one that is skilled in their work brings great blessing and favor on a person. One does not get to perfect their skill without much practice. To become the best in what you do you must invest time and finances to build on the work.
    In the Bible we have several people who loved God and did their very best in their respective skills. We have people like Daniel, David, Bezaleland Oholiab. It is said of David that he did such a good job with the sheep out in the fields that God called him to shepherd the nation. When David was out in the fields taking care of the sheep he learnt how to play the harp. During his free time he was able to master many skills including how to use a sling. It is the harp playing that brought him into the palace to play for King Saul when he was tormented.
    Does what you do bring God glory and help others love Jesus?In the book of Exodus when God gave Moses instructions on how he
    needed to make the tabernacle, God described Bezalel as having the gifing that was needed to complete the work. Bezalel was skilled and God would also give all those that were involved in the construction of the tabernacle all the skills they needed. God is the giver of every skill. When we look to Him and ask Him, He will help us to use our skills to the very best to ensure that the final work is excellent.
    You have a special gift and when you work with others using your special gift then the final work is very beautiful. Just like the body has many parts doing their special roles, so it is with the body of Christ. We all need to do our very best in our specific place of work to be able to bring much glory to God. 


1. David was a shepherd of sheep and a nation. True/False. True
2. Who was gifted and was needed to complete the work of building the tabernacle? Bezalel
3. What do you need to perfect your skill? Practice
4. when you work with others using your special gift it is called? Team work


Lord Jesus please help me to be a good team player everywhere I go. May I not
be one to complain but to help my teammates. And when I am stuck, may I
have the humility to ask for help. In Jesus mighty name Amen.


 Get a group of friends and form a study group.And/or
Help your parents or siblings to do house chores.