Children to -:

  • To know our service is for God not man
  • To work and serve diligently
  • To serve with joy and gladness

Bible Story Reference:

Luke 19:11-26

Memory Verse: 

Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters 


  • Exceeding expectations means that when assigned with a responsibility
    one needs to do even more than is anticipated.

Bible Story

  • Jesus loved to teach using parables. Parables are stories that have a lesson in them. Today’s parable is called the Parable of the Ten Minas. In
    some ways it is similar to the Parable of the Talents but let us discover together in what ways they are different.
    Jesus taught this parable to the disciples to help them see that there is a difference between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Israel. At
    the time the people hoped that the Messiah would come to deliver them from the oppression of the Roman empire. The Kingdom of God
    was already with them because Jesus was with them. This story speaks of a man who was to go to be made a king in a distant
    land. Being a man of wealth some of his servants were not happy about him being made king and sent representatives to oppose his
    appointment. Before leaving he called 10 of his servants and gave each of them some money (10 minas is about 3 months wages, about Ksh. 45,000/ approximately USD 400 with a minimum of Ksh. 15,000 per month). He wanted them to put the money to work until he would come back.
    What would you do with Ksh. 45,000 to make more money? Discuss with the children some income generating activities.
    Unfortunately for the opposers, he was made king and he came back home to find out how they had done with the money he had left them.
    The king on his return asks the servants to give account for the money. The first one had made 10 more minas from the 1 he received (that is
    Ksh.450,000/USD 4000). I wonder what kind of business he did, it must have needed him to work very hard and to keep very good records.
    Exceeding expectations means that one needs to work very hard even when they are not being watched. It is not about being supervised or
    manned but that one serves diligently in every situation. No work is too small or less important. Everything we do should be done as unto the
    Lord. This servant who had made 10 minas from just 1 mina was commended for being trustworthy and made in charge/leader of 10 cities. When we are given responsibilities we never know what we will receive once we finish our task. Keep faithful. From taking care of a very small amount of
    money he was given a very big responsibility. The next servant had made 5 minas…. How much is this in Ksh. And USD? He was made in charge of 5 cities. I wonder what the others made, we are only told of 3 servants. The third servant came and presented the same amount he was given and accused the king of being harsh, that is why he did nothing with the money. His 1 mina was given to the first one who had 10 minas and the others complained. Remember the opposers, those who sent a message refusing the king? What happened to them? They were killed. Whenever we are given any work we ought to do our very best. Our service is to God not to our parents, teachers or bosses that have assigned us the tasks. If it is reading, we read to our very best. When working on our assignments we work on them with excellence. Even when we sit for our exams we do not cheat or cut corners in our projects but do our very best. 


1. What was to be done to the king?
2. How many servants did he give money to? How much money did each receive?
3. What were the reports the king received when he returned?
4. What reward did the servants receive for being diligent


Father God thank you for allowing me to serve my parents and teachers. Help me to always serve with excellence and to do my very best serving with joy and gladness, in Jesus name Amen.


● At school do some extra work and present it to your teacher for correction.
● At home sing a joyful song as you do your chores.