Children to -:

  • To know what planning entails
  • To prepare a personal plan for home chores
  • To celebrate at the successful completion of laid out plan

Bible Story Reference: – : Luke  14:28-32

Memory Verse: 

 Colossians 3:23 (NIV)

 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for
the Lord, not for human masters.


  • Have a normal or a 3D puzzle that the children can work on without the guiding image. After a short time of trying, provide the children with the
    guide to help them work on the puzzle. Receive responses on theexperience with the guide and without.

Bible Story

  • Jesus’ stories were always interesting. The people who followed Him loved to listen and learn from Him. In our text today, there was a large crowd that was following Him. He had had a meal at a Pharisee’s house that was not approved by the Jewish religious leaders, then He taught them through a story about the banquet. Jesus in our verses wanted the disciples to know that there is always a cost to be excellent. In our valued behavior to have a relentless pursuit of excellence, Jesus shows us that success does not come without planning and hard work. The parable is about a builder. For the builder to be able to make the tower, he needs to make plans for it. These plans include:
  • ● Measure the size of the tower
    ● Count the number of stones that will be needed
    ● Prepare the area where the tower will be; cut grass, dig the foundation,
    ● Estimate the time it will take to complete having factored every aspect of the tower.
    ● How much money will he need to build it
    ● Who are the people needed? How many people should be called upon?
    ● What other things should the builder consider?
    The builder cannot wake up in the morning and start building the tower. If he were to do so, there would be a problem that the tower may even
    fall. Another part of the story that Jesus told was about a king going to war. King needs to evaluate to ensure that he has enough soldiers to win the battle. If he does not have enough soldiers and weapons, he may even consider sending a team to ask how to keep peace rather than fight.
    Let’s say you have a school project to make the solar system. What would you need to help you make it? Receive answers from the children:
    ● You would first need to know what the solar system is made of. What are the key elements that must be included to make it a solar system?
    ● Decide the kind of materials you will use, maybe research and draw what you want to make.
    ● Plan for your time and the kind of help you will need from your parents Outcome based planning means that before you start on any work or
    project you need to plan, prepare and think through every part so that once you are done the finished product is the same as what you
    planned. It has to do with planning the result of your work/project even before you start working. Like the puzzle guide gives us the finished work of the pieces, when we plan we have in mind and describe what the picture will be once we finish it. With every step you evaluate and see if what you are doing will achieve the goal you had desired. It also means that you keep improving on skills and knowledge of the project.


1. What was to be done to the king?
2. How many servants did he give money to? How much money did each receive?
3. What were the reports the king received when he returned?
4. What reward did the servants receive for being diligent?


Father God thank you for allowing me to serve my parents and teachers. Help me to always serve with excellence and to do my very best serving with joy and
gladness, in Jesus name Amen.


● At school do some extra work and present it to your teacher for correction.
● At home sing a joyful song as you do your chores.