One Million Strong

Who We Are

One Million Strong is a leadership development program that aims to impact the lives of 1 Million young leaders over 10 years.  Through this program, we seek to have authentic discussions about life and the challenges that the typical teenager goes through and then point them to the skills that will help them grow and navigate difficult situations healthily.




The curriculum is derived from the ‘Breakthrough manual which is based on biblical principles and appeals to students of various religions and beliefs. It covers topics such as knowing and understanding your purpose, your identity, handling disappointment, friends and their influence, attitude as the greatest asset in life, the importance of having principles and values as well as avoiding substance abuse. 


During the past year, we reached out to 30 schools and mentored 3,254 students. We achieved this by working with a pool of 64 youth coaches who were disciple and committed to serving in the schools. The church background of the youth coaches has fostered an environment of trust and confidentiality. Students have been able to develop some wonderful relationships with their mentors which we pray will be life-long.

“I have been going through One million strong for the past year. It has helped me cope with the challenges I was going through as a teenager. It has done so by equipping me with all the necessary skills I need to cope with the life challenges many teenagers have to face. 

Brian Gabriel Malimba, K.C.P.E candidate, Uhuru Gardens Primary School.


“I have been able to view life differently. I now know what it means to take responsibility for my actions, to have a better attitude towards my studies, and to have a dream bigger than myself.”

Charity, Form 2, Our Lady of Mercy Girls High School.

“I thank God for One Million Strong. It’s been a journey of growth and inspiration. Learning as I facilitate these kids has enabled me to better myself as a facilitator and be authentic in what I teach. This is achieved by applying every life skill that we teach these kids. In the end, I get to pour out from a jar that is overflowing. God bless One Million Strong.”

Patrick Musyimi­, Youth Coach.

“One Million Strong has been a blessing to my school since 2017, and am confident to say I have witnessed the change the program has brought to my students. I have seen some of my students change from being drug addicts, rebellious, and stubborn turn to being one of the best my school has had to produce. I owe it all to One Million Strong.”

Casper Wekesa, Director, Lighthouse School.

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